© 2019 ANIMALHEADS. Produced by THE BOGLANDS and SCSM COMICS. Sam Curtis and Son M. All Rights Reserved. 

ABOUT The Comic

Four recent college graduates realize that the world isn't kind and find themselves stuck in a dead end. Together, they come up with a business model: make money off acts of kindness, albeit in a scary way. What starts off as harmless fun soon twists into a monster out of their control. Featuring the complete destruction of a city, a large amount of botched assassination attempts, car chases and found family.

CONTENT WARNING: ANIMALHEADS contains violence, gore, crude humor and language, sexual content, drug and alcohol abuse, abuse of power dynamics, and general themes of horror and thriller.


ABOUT The Creators

ANIMALHEADS is the work of two idiots who feed well off each other.

Son M. is the writer, and ANIMALHEADS is based of their prose of the same name. They write a lot, for a bunch of things.

Sam C. is the artist of ANIMALHEADS and has more of her work on her twitter

Graphic Assets on our website were designed by Blake.

For inquiries, you can reach them at scsmcomic@gmail.com